The Schecher Organization

Industry Niche Market Specialists 

The Schecher Organization is made up of a family of niche market companies with a presence in the Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, and Hospitality Industries. 

The Schecher Group Family of companies has been providing professional services to its clients since 1987 and it all started in the Insurance Industry with SIR SIRVICES-NY and the Apartment & Property Owners Purchasing Group.  SIR maintained its offices at One World Trade Center from 1988 until the tragic day of 911.  Today, SIR maintains its corporate offices on Wall Street and remains one of the largest insurers of inner city landlords in New York. 

Bridgeport Capital Services was formed over 18 years ago and grew to be one of the most successful privately owned Factoring Companies in the United States today specailizing in the small to mid size business many call "Main Street America".

SG Resorts & SG Resorts International developed into one of the largest travel & vacation club providers on the planet with a business model designed similar to the successful Apartment & Property Owners Purchasing Group.  The mission of SG Resorts is to provide every working man and woman with a job that affordable dream vacation they work all year to enjoy. 

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