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After spending 45+ years as an expert in the Insurance Industry, Richard J. Schecher, Sr has created a new Living Benefits Program underwritten by SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLLC.  This is an exciting new Benefits Package that is now available through a network of insurance agents and other professionals for Employers, Group, and Associations to offer to their employees and\or membership.  The Product is focused upon the latest research as related to the advantages of vacations as related to the mental health of individuals as well as the productivity of workers who benefit from vacations or time away from work. 

This new Living Benefits Program is focused upon the three basic needs of every Employer, Group or Association.  Considering each need to offer benefits to: (1) Keep their members or employees (2) attract new members or employees with value added services such a health insurance or other perks (3) generate revenue, if possible, for the Group or Association. 

The SG Resorts Living Benefits Program accomplishes all three (3) of the needs shared by basically all Groups and Associations and this is especially true when you consider that almost every person with a JOB would like to take a vacation and every person that takes a vacation would like to save money and maybe upgrade the his or her's Dream Vacation.  Again, the new Living Benefits Program makes this possible.  For more information on the SG Resorts Living Benefits Program [CLICK HERE]




Hospitals can attract qualified employees and retain their best employees with a the SG Living Benefits Program.  Hospitals can generate revenue and promote specific functions like a Blood Drive. Consider giving away a Free Vacation Certificate would attract more donors vs giving away a free movie ticket.  With the SG Resorts Living Benefits Program this is now possible for the sponsoring Hospital or Health Organization. 

Unions can also offer real value added benefits to their membership with "Living Benefits" every union member can both use and appreciate.  Union members can vacation and enjoy "member only" rates with the guarantee that they can't get a lower price anywhere on planet earth. 

Alumni Associations can offer their membership a benefit every Alumni will appreciate and consider priceless.  Alumni Associations can use the SG Resorts Living Benefits Program to attract and keep members and use special vacation offers to raise money for the Alumni Association with special travel incentives and other promotional programs for the membership. 

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