Bridgeport Capital Services offers immediate working capital, credit checks and receivable collections meeting all of your Company's working capital needs with flexible, low-cost accounts receivable factoring services. Bridgeport Capital provides you with over 35 years experience in factoring with our experienced Bridgeport Team of Professionals.  Your Bridgeport Team of Professionals have experience in factoring a managing the smallest account portfolio of Start-Up Companies to Account Profiles in excess of $700 Million Dollars, it's what makes Bridgeport Capitol your first choice in Accounts Receivable Funding. 

What is Accounts Receivable Funding ?   Simply put, Accounts Receivable Funding is defined as purchasing your Commercial Accounts Receivable.  Funding your Accounts Receivable with Bridgeport Capital Services (BCS) allows you to turn your Company Receivables into Cash and the Cash allows you to grow your business making your future financial success no accident.


Bridgeport Capital serves the financial needs of small to medium sized companies involved in manufacturing, wholesaling, trucking as well as the service industries by turning your "Account Receivables" into "Cash" by providing you with the Back Office services of credit checks and collections freeing you to grow your business and earn more profits. Bridgeport Capital is dedicated to your success by offering factoring solutions that allow you to meet your payment obligations  in a timely cost efficient manner providing you with maximum cash flow with cost-effective factoring services and unparalleled credit resources. 

(BCS) Bridgeport Capital Services

MEETING YOUR CASH FLOW NEEDS  by offering multiple factoring and support services tailored to your Company providing your business with the financial resources needed to overcome obstacles while increasing both sales & profits.  Bridgeport Capital works for you with a rock solid six pack of financial services. 


(1)  Factoring Your Accounts Receivable

Bridgeport Capital can maximize your company's cash flow by purchasing your commercial accounts receivable at a small discount and giving you the cash you need, usually by the next business day. Just call an associate today.

(2)   Purchase Order Financing

When you need working capital to complete a customer’s job, Bridgeport Capital "purchase order financing" can provide you with the necessary funds to cover your expenses and fulfill the order. Once the job is done and the invoice is submitted, we collect payment and a small fee while you enjoy the profits from the order.

(3)  Vendor Guarantees

Bridgeport Capital offers financing to your vendors based on your acceptance of goods and promise to pay. This "vendor guarantee" can free up working capital, increase sales, and create a more productive buying and selling business relationship.

(4)  Bookkeeping

Bridgeport Capital can provides your Company with all the necessary tools for monitoring your accounts. Your daily transactions are available online through current invoice factoring age reports, collections reports, and reserve reports. With our detailed documentation bringing trends and account status to light, you will know where your invoices are at all times.

(5)  Professional Collections

At your request, Bridgeport Capital's experienced staff can monitor your account on a daily basis, saving you time and overhead costs with collection services customized to your business - all at no extra charge.

(6)  Credit Review for Our Factoring Clients

Bridgeport Capital provides your Company with credit information on new customers so you can make the best business decisions possible. Let us check a new customer's credit status before you ship or deliver, so you can be sure your accounts receivable are safe. We will also assign credit limits and monitor the credit of existing customers to ensure that there is no significant decline in their performance.


CONTACT US and turn your Accounts Receivable Into Cash

Bridgeport Capital Services offers flexible, low cost solutions to your financial challenges. We customize our programs specifically for your company’s needs and objectives, providing prompt and professional service making your financial success our success and the reason our clients remain clients for the life of their business and factoring needs.   Call Bridgeport Capital Services and start the process of turning your "Receivables" into "Cash" today (800) 320- 8957

Serving all industries with the exception of medical and construction Bridgeport Capital Services enjoys over a 18 year history of providing outstanding Financial Services with its SIX PACK of rock solid back office services to companies in all fields including but not limited to: 

  • Distributors

  • Government Suppliers

  • IT Consulting Firms

  • Jobbers

  • Manufacturers

  • Staffing Companies

  • Trucking

  • Wholesalers


Allow Bridgeport Capital to serve your Company and become your "Cash Flow" generator. 

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