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Richard J. Schecher, Sr is the founding father of the SCHECHER GROUP FAMILY of Companies and it all started with Richard shortly after he graduated from college and was laid off as a school teacher due to budget cuts in Broward County Florida.  You might say it was his first introduction to annual budgets and employee relations.


Richard Sr. spent his childhood and develop years pumping gas at his father's gas station in North Miami Florida while working his way through college, not only in his father's gas station,  but at several other part-time jobs including managing apartment buildings, doing maintenance on rental properties, as well as other side jobs like cleaning carpets, and painting houses.  It was in his early twenties that Richard Sr. developed a very strong work ethic and dedication to success with any eye always open to the future and what the future might bring and today  Richard Sr is grooming Richard Jr to take over as retirement approaches for Sr.  


Richard Sr knowns and understands what the road to success is all about and his knowledge, understanding, and own life's experience is what makes the Schecher Organization your best choice when in need of guidance, direction, and a push towards your own success in business. 


The SGO offers professional services at affordable rates based upon long term professional relationships focused and geared to their individual client needs and requirements. 


The SGO can help you regardless of your financial or business needs whether you seek the financing of you accounts receivable, or the management of your rental properties,  or timeshare or condominium resort on Miami Beach or elsesewhere.   The SGO is and should be your first choice when financial success is your objective. 

What do you require?   We are here for you if . . .

You require help with the management and development of a resort condo

You require management of a timeshare property or other rental properties 

Your funds are short and your business requires accounts receivable financing

Your  Resort Condominium Association requires management services 

Your Group or Association requires assistance in raising funds and providing added value services to its membership

Richard J. Schecher, Sr.- Founder

Richard J. Schecher, Sr started his career as a school teacher in Hallandale Florida with his life's dream of becoming a school teacher. 


Today  about 70 years later, Richard Sr. is the head of a very successful multi-million dollar Enterprise maintaining top rankings in the niche market sectors of the Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, and Hospitality Industries. 


Finance & Insurance

Bridgeport Capital Services 


Apartment & Property Owners

Purchasing Group (APOPG)

National Association of Property Owners

& Real Estate Professionals


Real Estate

KR Holdings

Schecher Group

Tower Equities RE, Inc

South Florida Coastal Properties




SG Resorts International

SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club


HBR Transportation

Schecher Aircraft Leasing Corp

Schecher Recreational Leasing Corp


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