Covid-19 Virus shuts down the SG Hospitality Network

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world and the SG Resorts Hospitality Network suffered severe financial consequences having to basically shut down all its hotels, resorts, and luxury rental properties in the Florida, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and basically everywhere in the world until the "all clear" is given by countries, states, and local governments. 

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Richard J. Schecher, Sr has created new products that are now available online or soon will be online allowing the general public to purchase vacation gift cards to be used once the pandemic shutdown is over.  This new product allows the buyer to: (1) secure a weeks vacation at a once in a lifetime price so low nobody would believe it (2) purchasing the gift card locks in the price for a week regardless of any future price increase post covid-19 (3) the buyer can use it himself or herself or give it to a family member or friend to use as they wish.  The gift card also makes a perfect give or the ultimate "Thank You For Your Service" to a healthcare or essential worker. 

Gift cards can be purchased online at 

The future or "new normal" for the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club may include the sale of vacation gift cards created to offer that "once in a lifetime vacation opportunity' to people who normally don't take a vacation or can't afford a vacation. 

The SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC has agreed to provide one million free boomerang memberships to all healthcare and essential works who fought on the front line in the war against the coronavirus.    The membership allows the person to take that much needed vacation and save upwards of $500 or more making the vacation more enjoyable for those who need a vacation more than most. 

Online free boomerang memberships for healthcare & essential workers: 

Donate and keep the free program alive: 

Bridgeport Capital is alive and well and ready to finance your company's account receivables during the Covid-19 crisis. 

SIR SERVICES-NY is also alive and well renewing policyholders and writing new business for the NYC landlords as the insurance market tightens and companies leave the marketplace. 

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The SCHECHER ORGANIZATION works for you focused only upon your success

Let the SGO MAKE A DIFFERENCE for your company:  There is one very critical component that makes the Schecher Organization different from our competition and that is You.  We say this because at the SGO you and your company come first, as our client,  and we work for you to make you a leader among your peers and within your own industry or area of expertise.  Your success becomes and is our success. 


The focus of the SCHECHER ORGANIZATION is helping clients achieve their goals as business owners or business professionals and this is especially true with our Finance-Factoring Division as well as our Vacation Property & Resort Management Division. The Schecher Organization has been serving clients since 1987 with its Insurance Division as one of the largest insurers of  NYC Landlords as the administrators of the Apartment & Property Owners Purchasing Group (APOpg).

What's  NEW in 2020. . . 

The Finance Division of the SCHECHER ORGANIZATION  (Bridgeport Capital Services) has reached new levels of success as a proud member of the SCHECHER GROUP family of companies.  Bridgeport Capital has been providing "Main Street America" with accounts receivable financing\factoring for over 18 years and in 2018 BCS has aggressively expanded services with a new Private Label Client Group.

The Hospitality Division of the SCHECHER ORGANIZATION has expand operations on a global basis.  The SGO Hospitality Expansion includes but is not limited to new acquisitions  and rehabbing select SG Properties  on Miami Beach, the Caribbean, as well as the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The SCHECHER ORGANIZATION and SG Resorts  is on a MISSION to grow its Hospitality Brand by acquiring several new resort and speciality properties by acquisitions, partnerships, Joint Ventures and rock solid management relationships .


ALL NEW -  SG Travel & Vacation Clubs -The Hospitality Division of the SCHECHER ORGANIZATION remains committed to the development and expansion of its Global Network of more than 5,000 Resorts worldwide creating the first Global Travel & Vacation Club designed for the working man or woman who work all year in hopes of being able to afford that very special Dream Vacation.  The SGO has recently made its Vacation Club available to the Teamsters Union with a new program designed for the million plus works who are part of the Teamsters Union.

The Real Estate Division of the SCHECHER ORGANIZATION has established a new niche within the second home vacation market making vacation home ownership affordable to the person who previously only dreamed about owning a Million Dollar Vacation home or a Condo on Miami Beach. Exciting new real estate options and concepts making vacation home ownership not only affordable but a reality for anyone who has a job and a desire for family vacations in their own vacation home or condo. 

Let our team of professionals will help you make 2018 your best year ever. 

"It's what we do best"

2020 NEWS


Sultan Suites Fractional Condo Ownership

The Schecher Group enters into a JV with two of its sister companies and is now offering affordable vacation condo ownership on Miami Beach..


January 2020 opens a new year for Bridgeport Capital Services with almost $500 MILLION on the books factoring Main Street American and the small business owners who keep America Great.

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